Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nessa's Mum "Reba"

Nessa's Dad "Rocky" a champion Berner
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Nessa as a Pup at Dolyhir

At Play with her Mum, Dad, Aunts & Uncles

The Day we picked up our little Girl

Getting ready to leave Dolyhir

Nessa in her Limo

Nessa aka Squealer

Nessa's Brothers and Sisters

Fresh out of Mummy

Who are you looking at says Eddie "The Governor"

I will get you

What a bath, do I look like I need a bath

The lengths a cat will go to, to be close

This is Little Wille another new addition
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Latest Edition

Meet Ruby

She is a true Manxie, Little stumpy tail

As you can see here

Ruby is such a darling she breaks our hearts

This little princess has had a really bad start in life, but now she is loved and cared for

Ruby came to us via the family vet, when our other little tabby kitten Willie was taken ill. Ruby is a feral tabby that had been injuried in the wild. She had been found and taken to the vets. Despite the vets best efforts Ruby has lost the use of one of her front legs. This doesn't seem to bother her as she now charges (well hops) around the house chasing the other cats.
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Nessa's Cats

Eddie "The Boss"
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Can I have some Wellies too

Watch out here I come

I'm coming

Ahhhh turbo pooch

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Nessa and her Mummy

Such a Mummies Girl

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